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"to give new life to;
to endow with life or vigour;
to energize, or invigorate"
Awaken your spirit with high-speed nutrition...

What Doctors Are Saying

Fred Templeman, M.D.
XanthoMyst consultant and medical advisor

“Vital4Lyfe© is a health boost that could benefit almost anyone. CTFO has formulated the most effective and affordable, total health antioxidant 1-2-3-4 punch in the industry!”

Phillip Zinni III DO, FAOASM, MS, ATC,
Functional & Regenerative Medicine Chief Medical Officer

“Vital4Lyfe© is a cornerstone foundational, immune system boosting,
reduced inflammation and oxidation, next-level product line
that is part of my daily routine; Ultimate Multi-Vitamin, Super 7,
XanthoMyst© and GlutaMyst© - Vital4Lyfe© will restore your vitality for life.”

Ted W. - Canada

"My Vital4Lyfe experience has been truly incredible! Since 1988 I have immersed myself in the science of nutrition, and I can safely say that this 4-product system is the most profound innovation of our lifetime! This is the absolute future of healthcare."

Shantel W. - Canada

"Vital4Lyfe has helped streamline my morning supplement routine and given me all day energy. As a Holistic Nutritional Consultant, these 4 products are all you need to feel your best and boost your immune system. Core vitamin and minerals, along with the 4 second solutions of XanthoMyst and GlutaMyst, help reduce inflammation, balance blood sugar and helps cellular repair. I have lost 25 pounds and gotten rid of my brain fog. These products have given me my life back."

Dwayne S. - Canada

"Being a busy corporate executive and having to travel as part of my everyday life, I needed a simple way to start my day. These products have been a game changer providing the energy and mental clarity to get through those busy days."

Alison B - USA

"As an Herbalist, what attracted me was the Glutathione Myst. Within a week of using both Myst products I was sleeping like a rock and my migraines were gone. These 4 products are life changing and have everything your body needs for optimal daily nutrition."

Barry H. - Canada

"After 4 months taking the Vital4Lyfe Pack, so many positive things have happened. My vision is improved, my chronic neuropathic discomfort is all but gone, I've lost 40lbs and I've resumed playing sports and exercising again for the first time in 5 years. I literally can't and won't go even a day without my V4L Pack."

Pepe G. - Mexico

"I have been using supplements for 30 years, and what I have felt with GlutaMyst and Vital4Life I have never experienced before. More energy, vitality, focus, and now I feel more agile when I walk. I feel changes in my skin, and I have only been using it for 12 days."

Debbie G. - USA

"The Vital4Life Pack has proven to be a great experience for my digestive health issues. Taking these products before meals has been a total game changer for me."

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All of the products in our Vital4Lyfe© pack were
designed to synergistically work together to help you
acheive optimal health. Our commitment to excellence
extends beyond quality products; it's about ensuring
your total satisfaction. All of CTFO's products come with
a 60-day, empty-package, 100% money-back guarantee
including shipping, handling and tax.
You have absolutely no risk! So why wait?

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